If the Canadian Winter weather coming back for round two doesn't have you googling just about every other destination that isn't covered in a foot of snow, I've got a lot of questions for you. Though if you are in the market for a vacation or even are looking for buy a house somewhere as a permanent escape from cold weather, now has never been a better time according to TIME.

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They recently reported that a town in Italy called Ollalai has got approximately 200 homes on the market for around $1 (well Euros). No, we aren't pulling your leg here. The ridiculously low price is part of an effort to bring people to the beautiful spot on the Sardinian island. Right now the population in Ollalai is only 1,300, decreasing from 2,250 which was recorded 50 years ago.

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So in efforts to make sure the town doesn't go deserted, they have got a ton of houses on the market for a literal steal of a price. As of right now, the mayor of Ollali says there are nearly 100 requests about the homes. Though if you are seriously interested, you are definitely going to want to act fast if you want to grab a residence by applying here.

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Though there is one catch if you end up buying one of the houses. Part of the agreement is that you have to refurbish the residence of your choosing within a 3-year span, costing in and around $25,000. While the deal suddenly isn't technically a $1 house anymore, $25,001 for a house is still ridiculously cheap.

Source: Cosmopolitan