Hold onto your hats because Stella McCartney is selling Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding reception dress. It's nearly impossible to get but we thought that we should give you the low down in case you're incredibly keen or just generally curious.

Stella McCartney made 46 replicas of Meghan's beautiful high neck gown and you could potentially buy it, if you have a ton of money and if you know the right people.

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The designer is creating 23 replicas of the dress in "lily white" and 23 in "onyx black".  

That's not all... The dresses are definitely not going to be cheap. According to reports, each dress will be priced at $3500 EUROS. Wow. That's a lot of cash. That's approximately $5313 CAD and $4054 USD.

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Clients are asked to send an email to Stella McCartney if they're interested in buying a gown, but that's not all. After sending the email, they would then have to receive a personal invitation from the designer in order to actually view and shop the dresses. 

If you think that you have a shot at scoring an invitation from McCartney, the email you need to send your inquiry to is 23oldbond.store@stellamccartney.com.

Good luck, you'll probably need it. 

Source: Elle Magazine