You Can Climb One Of The Deepest Caves In The United States In This Georgia City

This looks straight out of a movie set.
You Can Climb One Of The Deepest Caves In The United States In This Georgia City

If you're not an active, experienced climber, you may want to learn immediately. Georgia might be home to one of the most impressive caves in the world.  

Ellison's Cave, located in Lafayette, GA, is a complex cave to reach the bottom of. It's 12-miles of untapped beauty. Climbers must tackle multiple pits before reaching the floor. Fantastic Pit, one of the many pits inside, is the deepest freefall pit in the United States. This pit is 586 feet deep, which is nearly double the size of the Statue of Liberty. 

There are over seven ways to get to the cave floor, but not before climbers have to tackle these pits, all while freefalling. The Incredible Pit is the second deepest freefall pit in the states, and it's actually located in Ellison's Cave too, on the opposite side of Fantastic Pit

If you just want a glimpse of this gem, you can view the entrance of the cave on the hiking trail of Pigeon Mountain.

Once you approach the hole, the cave itself may seem dark and uninviting. When you're inside, you'll actually witness a waterfall. 

For inexperienced climbers who aren't ready to tackle that challenge, you can hike the rest of Pigeon Mountain until you reach Rocktown. It's an outdoor area of relatively small boulders that are pretty easy to climb, even if you lack experience. 

Visitors can boulder, otherwise known as climbing without ropes or harnesses. The only equipment you'll really need are mats that will cushion your fall if you slip. 

Only experienced climbers are encouraged to take the plunge into the underground world of Ellison's Cave. The pits inside require extensive knowledge of climbing techniques, proper attire, and navigating through the dark, wet, environment. 

To work up to the day you're ready for Ellison's Cave, you can start with other nearby caves such as Pettijohn's Cave and Sitton's Cave.

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