Judging by the weather outside right now, spring feels extremely far away. But it's actually a lot closer than we think! In a couple of short months, we'll start seeing snow thawing on the lawns, leaves and flower buds sprouting on the trees, and we'll finally be able to feel the sunshine again. 

With this amazing weather comes more opportunities for adventure. If there's one place everyone looking for a new spot to explore should visit, it's Whiteface Mountain, which lies just across the border from Ontario in Wilmington, New York. 

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Whiteface Mountain is actually the 5th highest mountain in the U.S. and has one of the most stunning views as well! While it may seem like this would be a feat to complete for a regular, everyday hiker, most of the route can be completed by car on the Veterans' Memorial Highway. The highway will take you up 4,610 feet, where the stone stairway starts and visitors can hike the rest of the way to the summit! 

The drive itself is about 8 miles long, which is 12 kilometres, and the ridge trail taking you up the Stairway Ridge Trail is only 0.5 miles the rest of the way to the top! 

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The staircase was built back in the 1930s which means there's a lot of history there. There are viewpoints along the way where you can stop to enjoy the scenery and take pictures, of course! 

Once you reach the top, you can see views of rolling green hills, river valleys, and even Vermont and Canada in the distance! There are signs along the way that will tell you how far above sea level you are and historical information. 

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