Restaurants and foodie culture have become second nature to us Canadians since we have such a vibrant and multicultural population. You can find literally any food from around the world here and you know it's going to be authentic and delicious every time. 

So now that we've established how delicious and amazing the restaurant scene is in Canada we can move onto the crazy dining experiences such as dining in caves, dining in darkness, and now there's even a dining experience 150 feet off the ground! 

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Dinner In The Sky is a worldwide dining experience where the dinner table sits way up high above the ground. This company has dining experiences in the sky in cities like Brussels, London, Budapest, Istanbul, Dubai, and also Vancouver! 

Dinner In The Sky Canada is hosted in North Vancouver where visitors can dine above the stunning shoreline with views of the bright blue coast below them! You can choose between 3 options, one including an alcoholic beverage, one savoury treat and one sweet dessert, the second option includes canapes on the ground followed by a 3-course dinner, the final option includes canapes and sparkling wine on the ground, priority boarding and VIP seating, and a 3-course dinner with wine pairings.

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The first option is only about 30 minutes in the sky whereas the other options including dinner will last about 1 hour in the sky. Prices range depending on the option you choose but it's usually around the $149-$569 range if you want to choose the cheapest package or the VIP package! 

The Dinner In The Sky Vancouver sets up their restaurant during the spring/summer months only. They currently haven't released their 2019 dates but they've noted on their Instagram page that they're currently working on them and they'll be released soon. 

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You should definitely consider this for an anniversary, a proposal, or even a special occasion with friends and family members! It's truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

Keep up with their Instagram and website for updates on their opening dates!