BC is famous for plenty of good reasons, but there's one thing that makes us special that seems to be a well-kept secret that only locals know about. The Ketel One Ice Room in Whistler is the coldest vodka tasting room in the world. The -32°C room creates the perfect way to enjoy the taste and complexities of vodka varieties. You'll get a chance to sip and savour international premium vodkas, learn what makes each one different and learn how they're made. 

You and your friends will put on toasty Canada Goose parkas before you enter the sub-zero tasting room. The vodka tasting in a super cold room will minimize the "burn" that you feel when you drink alcohol so this is guaranteed to be the smoothest and most delicious vodka you ever drink. 

A visit to this unique spot in Whistler would be perfect if you don't mind braving the cold and want to do one last wintry event before the Spring comes. Your tasting includes four different kinds of vodka and you can choose from over 50 varieties. There's even a special "ski shot" you can do with four people that would make the most epic Boomerang ever!

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The Ketel One Ice Room is at the Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler about a 90-minute drive from Vancouver. The full Vodka Tasting Experience is $48 per person and you don't want to go on an empty stomach! You can visit year-round, too, so it might be a refreshing experience for your Summer bucket list!

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