You Can Explore This Abandoned Mental Institution For A Creepy Adventure In Georgia

Looks like it is a scary movie set.
You Can Explore This Abandoned Mental Institution For A Creepy Adventure  In Georgia

When you hear the word asylum, you instantly think of patients getting tortured and a scary mental hospital. There are not many mental institutions around anymore, and if there are, they are very abandoned. Central State Hospital is one of them. 

In Milledgeville, Georgia, the once largest mental institution in the world still stands, but it is deserted.When you were acting up back in the day in Georgia, you knew to get your act together when your mom said she was going to send you to Milledgeville. 

If you are a thrill seeker and love American Horror Story (shoutout Asylum), this is the place you will want to visit. There were multiple buildings that were considered to be apart of the hospital, but they all shut down in 2010. 

This asylum opened in 1842 and used to be called the Georgia State Lunatic Asylum...creepy. 

Here, the doctors performed shock therapy, lobotomies, and believed in heavy medication doses. Of the first 50 patients that were admitted, 29 of them died without leaving the facility, according to the Atlanta Journalism Constitution. 

Outside, you will see thousands of unmarked graves, but only those inside know how they got there exactly...

The metal steaks that are used as their grave markings only have numbers on them, no names, nothing. 

According to the Atlanta Constitution, there were only 48 to 50 doctors taking care of thousands of patients, no psychiatrists. The first patient to ever be treated at CSH never left. He died in the care of the medical team that was working there when it first opened. 

As the years went on, the care went downhill. In 1937, Georgia passed a law where the hospital could sterilize patients if they saw fit. 

In photos, you can actually see how the patients were housed and how they looked like animals in rows. You can also see how children were put in metal cages. When you think of an old-timey mental asylum, this is exactly what comes to mind. 

Even in 2007, the Atlanta Constitution reported that 42 patients in this hospital died "under suspicious circumstances." 2007!

Now all that stands is brick buildings, unmarked graves, and decaying equipment and walls. 

Do you think the patients still roam the halls? 

Central State Hospital is located at Powell Building, 620 Broad St, Milledgeville, GA 31062.

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