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You Can Explore This 2.2 Km Frozen Waterfall Trail After Dark In Alberta

After the sun sets, adventure begins!
You Can Explore This 2.2 Km Frozen Waterfall Trail After Dark In Alberta

A little winter chill doesn't stop Canadians from having a good time. When the temperature drops below zero, it opens up a whole new possibility of adventure in the outdoors! There's a trail in Alberta where the waterfalls freeze over in the winter and look otherworldly. 

The Johnston Canyon is a super popular place to check out near Banff. It's probably the most popular trail in the Rockies! It's a short and sweet trail through a narrow limestone canyon and it's less than two hours from Calgary. There are steel catwalks built into the walls of the canyon so you can explore the natural landscape in a totally unreal way!

Discover Banff Tours runs an ice walk tour where you can explore Johnston Canyon at night. You'll put on some ice cleats and a headlamp before setting out on your journey. The light from the headlamps the frozen waterfalls in Johnston Canyon. This magical experience makes the winter landscape appear to shimmer and shine! If you go on a clear night, you'll be treated to a spectacular night sky full of stars.

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Via Discover Banff Tours

Via Discover Banff Tours

As you walk through the canyon, you'll spot spectacular icicles, explore caves and light up frozen waterfalls with your headlamp. A professional guide will lead your small group of explorers along the way. Under the cover of night, expect all your other senses to heighten. You can listen in the silence for the sounds of nocturnal animals as you walk and breath in the striking fresh scent of the surrounding pine trees.

If you want a totally unique and relaxing experience this winter, then check out this night-time ice walking tour! Each tour comes with a maple cookie and hot chocolate snack. You also get to take your souvenir headlamp home so you can continue to explore at night.

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