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You Can Explore This Secret Underwater City In Canada

Live that Little Mermaid life.
You Can Explore This Secret Underwater City In Canada

Looking from above the water, it just appears to be beautiful views of Alberta - lots of people take gorgeous mountain and lake Instagram photos. But below the surface, 60 feet under the water you'll find Canada's most hidden underwater city. It's under the sea like Atlantis.

Lake Minnewanka is more than what meets the eyes. This underwater city started out as a resort for the lake and was built in 1888. Wealthy people would vacation here to enjoy the water and mountains. The Calgary Power Company eventually decided to build a new dam which made the water levels rise so much that it put the town under water.

To visit the underwater city you'll have to endeavour into the cold lake and scuba dive down to see it. In the water, you can explore old buildings, houses, a hotel, sidewalk, bridge and more.

via @andie.choi

This is the map of Lake Minnewanka if you were to visit it now.

This is what Lake Minnewanka looks like from above the water levels. You'd have no idea there was an underwater city below.

You have to scuba dive to get to the bottom of the lake to see everything.

The glacier-fed water is freezing cold which has helped keep the building intact.

This is one of the coolest buildings that remains under the water.

8,000 divers endure the cold and go explore the city every year.

You can actually go in the buildings and climb through them.

Wood has been maintained in the water because of how cold the water is which makes it a unique place to go diving.

* Disclaimer: The cover photo is of Lion City in China

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