Edmonton in the winter is no joke. You spend most of your time either inside or in your car, and there aren’t many options for things to do other than checking out the West Edmonton Mall. If you’re looking to escape from Edmonton, then you’re in luck!

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Palm Springs is a desert town where you’ll find pastel colours, mid-century modern buildings and plenty of palm trees. Hotels have luxurious outdoor pools where you can sun yourself during the day. At night, the desert landscape is a cascade of sherbert colours as the sun sets.  

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Right now, you can get deals on flights out of Edmonton to sunny Palm Springs, California. In March, Palm Springs has a daily average temperature of 27°C. If you compare that to Edmonton, where the daily average temperature is a measly 2°C, it sounds like you’ll have a much more pleasant time in California!  

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Here’s how to find the deal

Go onto Flair Air and take a look at their flights from Edmonton to Palm Springs. If you’re flexible with your dates, you can luck out and score tickets for $99 each! That means for less than $200, you could be chilling by the pool in the California sun.

I searched for flights in March and found plenty of options, but you could also get to Palm Springs for $198 in December, January, February, and April. That means those of us who have always wanted to go to Coachella can score cheap flights to catch the festival.

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One caveat is that you have to pack light! You are only entitled to one personal item on this flight and it has to fit under the seat. That’s no problem though because swimsuits hardly take up any room!

For more information on this flight deal, check out YEG Deals.