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You Can Fly From Ontario To Alberta For Just $79 This Spring

This is a steal!
You Can Fly From Ontario To Alberta For Just $79 This Spring

Many of us over here in Ontario dream of spending our vacation explore the turquoise waters and snowy mountains that the west coast gets to call their home. While we do have tons of great nature over here, it just doesn't compare to the natural beauty that Alberta and BC has. 

Usually, flights from Ontario to the west coast are really expensive. Sometimes these flights are so expensive that it completely deters many Canadians from exploring every inch of our stunning country. But lucky for us, there's an amazing deal right now that will let us fly from Ontario to Alberta for just $79 this spring! 

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Swoop Airlines, Canada's first-ever ultra-low-cost airline offers amazing deals on flights to almost every province. This gives Canadians an affordable way to explore our great country without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on each trip! 

In April you can find flights through Swoop Airlines from London, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta for as low as $79! These low prices continue all the way into May and June which gives you ample choices for when you want to travel without worrying about a price hike. In July, the flight costs go up to $129. 

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Edmonton is one of the biggest, most bustling cities in the west end and it gives you tons of great opportunities to travel to other parts of the province. The iconic Lake Louise is a 4.5-hour drive, Jasper is just under 4 hours, Calgary is under 3 hours and Banff is just 4 hours! 

One thing to remember with Swoop Airlines is that since it's a low-cost carrier many of the perks we're used to from other airlines like free baggage check, seat selection, onboard wifi and snacks, etc. all come at an extra cost. If you can swing it, try to fit a small number of clothes into your carry on and then there won't be any hidden fees waiting for you at the gate! 

Check out their website to book your flights! 

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