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You Can Fly From Toronto To Paris For Only $338 Roundtrip

The perfect way to escape the harsh Canadian Winter!

With the long and chilly winter just starting in Canada, it's about time to book a flight to escape the cold. There really is nothing that triggers the travel bug like dropping temperatures do! 

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Thankfully, discount airline WOW Air is actually having a 50% off deal on all of their flights. Nope, that's not a typo! The airline kicked off the promotion today in celebration of not only the holidays but also to celebrate being named the Low-Cost Airline of the Year for 2018! 

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As a result, flights from Toronto to Europe have seen major discounts but one of the best deals is a Toronto to Paris flight. What better way to escape the harsh Canadian winter than to visit one of the most romantic cities in the world where you won't have to bundle up nearly as much!? 

While you can use the discount code (WOWXMAS) on any flight to Paris or even any destination, the roundtrips that were the cheapest were the Paris flights scheduled to depart in February. You can get the $338 roundtrip in specific by selecting your departure date as February 6th and return date as February 13th: 

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*While the prices are displayed in USD, after conversion the total comes to $338 CAD! 

If Paris isn't your thing, there are tons of other destinations to try the deal out on such as Barcelona, Amsterdam and even London! Basically, all of the hottest spots to travel in Europe are up for grabs at a discounted price. 

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Potential travellers will have from today up until December 16th to book their flights with the discount code. Meaning you'll want to act quickly if you want to score the best deals! Finally, head over to Narcity Travel to book the top-rated accommodations for your trip that's right on your budget.

For more information or to start booking your flight you can visit WOW Air's website by clicking here