Game of Thrones is BACK, and you could not be happier. 

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So why not take your fandom to the next level and live like The Targaryen  by staying at a beautiful, original medieval castle in Ireland. Yup that's right, you and 4 friends can rent this castle built in the 1400's that was refurbished in the last decade.

It is comprised of a master bedroom upstairs, with access to the turret, a living room and dining room and features all the comforts they definitely didn't have 600 years ago, like running water, heat, and even WiFi. There is also a massive fire that makes the place even more authentic. 

Located about 25 minutes from Galway City, a charming place that inspired Ed Sheeran's song "Galways Girl' and the setting of the movie "PS. I Love You", that you should definitely visit. The majestic Cliffs Of Moher are also located not too far away. Fun fact: many Game of Thrones scenes are actually filmed in Ireland and you can actually visit those spots. 

There's lots of winding staircases, a castle that has been lovingly restored, but there are some cobwebs, and it gives you the real Irish castle experience. It's not pristine, its not perfect, but it's a real castle. There are lots of sheep and cows in the nearby fields and lots of peace and quiet.

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