It's already feeling like summer, so that means it's prime time to find the best bars to celebrate the season at. 

The Grove, a rooftop bar and restaurant in Savannah, might just be the perfect bar. Views? Check. Cute drinks? Check. The yummiest food to chow down on before ordering a 10-pound Moscow Mule? Check. 

The Grove recently added the "Cool Mule Challenge" to their drink line up, taking the crown as the greatest and most Instagrammable drink. It's predecessor, the champagne pop, was simply adorable but how can it compete with a 10-pound drink? 

The vodka, ginger beer, and fresh lime mix is priced at $50 since it's clearly meant to be shared. The drink is complete with an array of bendy straws and it's the only bar in the area with this monster-sized drink. 

This lively venue has a total of four bars inside the three-story building. Since opening in 2018, it's quickly becoming Savannah's newest hot spot.  

Whether you're in a caviar mood or you're keeping things simple with chicken fingers, this is the type of place that everyone can enjoy. 

You never know what event you'll walk into when you come through the doors. Swing by for Monday night trivia or relax in the sunshine during one of their rooftop parties.

This Saturday, May 25, is the summer kickoff party, and you can expect a solid line up of day parties to come. This weekend's theme is "Peach: A House Music Party," so come indulge in one of the peach flavored drinks, or try your hand at finishing the mega mule.

The party doesn't stop until 3 a.m. on the weekends, so whether you're day drinking or it's a late night, there's time to check out The Grove. Round up your friends and see what you've been missing out on.