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You Can Get FREE Beaver Tails In Ontario This Spring And Here's When

They'll be giving away an unlimited amount!

As Canadians we all know and love beaver tails. Like Tim Hortons, hockey and poutine beaver tails are one of those things that are so inherently Canadian that we don't even question our intense love for them. 

But why wouldn't you love them? They're basically a flattened dough that's deep fried and then topped with all kinds of sugary sweet toppings! There's literally nothing that could be better than that. 

What if I told you that you could get your favourite Canadian dessert for free this spring? Yup, Beaver Tails has officially been in business for 40 years and to celebrate they're giving out free beaver tails to all of their loyal customers! 

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On June 1st two Canadian Beaver Tail locations will be giving out unlimited FREE Classic Cinnamon & Sugar beaver tails to anyone that wants one! They're naming this day "National BeaverTails Pastry Day" and it will take place from 2-4 pm only. You can find this deal happening at the Toronto location at 145 Queens Quay W and the Ottawa location at 69 George St

They'll also be introducing a brand-new limited edition Birthday Cake Beaver Tail that will be available all summer long from June 4th-September 30th across select locations. 

It will basically be a vanilla birthday cake on top of your favourite classic beaver tail base. Think layers of vanilla icing, colourful sprinkles and then a cute vanilla cupcake to top it off! 

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Any kind of free giveaway is definitely something to get excited for so don't miss out on this amazing event! Get your beaver tail fix for the summer at these locations in Ontario without paying a cent. 

Check out their Facebook page for more information.