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You Can Get Half Price Domino's Pizza In Canada All Week Long

Dominos is offering half price pies all week!
You Can Get Half Price Domino's Pizza In Canada All Week Long

Out of all the foods in the world, if there is one food that's universally loved by almost everyone everywhere, it's pizza. It's super versatile, customizable, and perfect all year round. 

If you are one of those pizza lovers, I have good news. Domino's is serving up half-price pizzas all week long! 

The popular pizza place has a special promo going on this week that will let you order up some delicious pizza for 50% all week until Sunday. 

In order to cash in on this amazing offer, all you have to do is order a pizza online. Unfortunately, the offer is only available with in-store pickup, but the half priced pizza is definitely worth having to skip out on delivery. 

Thanks to this promo, you could get a nice cheesy, extra large meat covered pizza for just over $10. That's enough to feed a family of four for dinner, or if you're all by yourself you could have meals for a week! 

If 50% off pizza isn't enough to entice you, that's not the only deal they are serving up. Domino's constantly has amazing coupons available to save you money, like getting two of their amazing desserts or garlic sticks for only $6. 

The half-price carry-out pizza promo starts today and runs until Sunday, September 23rd at Domino's locations across the country. 

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