I'm sure I'm not the only one here that is literally obsessed with cats. If you're lucky enough to own a cat you definitely know what I'm talk about, they're just the cutest things! Sure, dogs are great too but cats just require so much less attention and they show you just as much love. 

If someone were to offer you a job where you could move to a beautiful island, lounge on the beach as much as you want and care for adorable kittens I'm pretty sure everyone would take it. 

Well, this job actually exists! The God's Little People Cat Rescue is a charity located on the Greek Island of Syros and it recently posted a job online asking for people for move there, get paid and take care of their furry little friends! 

Via God's Little People Cat Rescue

On the island of Syros their cats roam free and spend their days soaking up the sunshine which is what you'll be doing too! The posting says they're looking for "a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company". 

There are 55 cats currently that reside at the rescue centre on the island and the owner is hoping to have someone fill in for them when they're not around. The responsibilities include feeding and medicating the cats, bonus if you're a registered vet or nurse! 

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You'll get paid a small salary while you're living in a quaint little Greek home with a garden. The job will only take 4 hours out of your day which leaves you ample time to swim, tan on the beach and explore restaurants and cafes in the area. 

It's a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to settle down on a beautiful island and loves the company of cats! They also require the applicant to be able to drive a manual car that's provided for the job. 

If you don't want to apply for the job but want to support the cause, this rescue centre lets you sponsor a cat so they have all they need to thrive! 

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If you're interested in the position, send your resume and photograph to joanbowell@yahoo.com.