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You Can Get The Aera Smart Diffuser In Canada And Here's Where

The majority of us are currently spending more time at home - which means there's a huge incentive to turn our spaces into spots we want to be in. One great way to do that is by upping your home's scent game; thankfully, products like smart diffusers exist - in fact, you can get the Aera Smart Diffuser in Canada and here's where.

Amazon Canada is currently listing the Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser for $200.82, with free shipping if you have a Prime account.

The device is considered a smart product, meaning you control it with your phone (or using Amazon's Alexa).

All controls are fully customizable so you can adjust how much aroma you want to disperse on a scale of one to 10, depending on the size of the room or how intensely you want to scent your space.

The diffuser covers up to 1,000 square feet.

You can also time the device to work on a tailored scent schedule, as part of its smart capabilities.

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The listing claims the product to be low-maintenance when it comes to refills: they promise a no-fade fragrance that lasts up to 800 hours on average.

Aera's Smart Diffuser also claims to surround your space in your scent of choice, thanks to something they call surround-scent technology. 

As for the scents, they're apparently all ethically-sourced essential oils free of alcohol and harmful VOCs - it's also said to be safe for pets.

Aera scents evaporate instantly as well. The app displays the scent level so you know how much is left at all times.

All you have to do is pop in the Aera fragrance capsule of your choice. They run around $75 and each has enough to last for roughly four months on average.

There are multiple fragrances to choose from, including cherry blossom, sandalwood and citrus ⁠— basically a scent for every mood and moment. 

Some reviews say it's great for people who want their house to smell like Anthropologie, while others say it brings effortless peace because the setup is easy. 

The Amazon Canada listing has two different versions, as well: the smart version for $278, and the Touch version for $208, which is not a smart device.