You Can Go Glamping On Your Own Private Island On The Coast Of Georgia This Summer

Not your average camping trip.
You Can Go Glamping On Your Own Private Island On The Coast Of Georgia This Summer

If you live in Georgia, you have probably been dragged out by your family or friends to go the woods...with bugs and no cell service. A genius finally invented something called "glamping" that gives you camping but with style. Georgia is home to one of the prettiest glamping spots, where you can even rent your own island.

Little Raccoon Key, part of the Golden Isles of Georgia, offers visitors the opportunity to rent the island for a night.

Once you get onto the island, the first thing that you will notice is the nice "tent" that you will want to camp in. The Luxury Canvas Tent stands to be 26 x 15 which leaves room to actually move around.

If you are worried about South Georgia weather, like most locals are, you should know that this tent can withstand any rainstorm, unlike a regular camping tent. Just another reason why glamping is so much better than real camping.

Whether you need a girls night or a romantic getaway, you can expect to have the utmost privacy on your little island.

During your stay, you will most likely see wildlife and sea life that you cannot miss. Included in your booking, you will get an ancient oyster reef lesson to learn about the island’s ecosystem and what makes it so special.

You will also get to go on a "River of Dolphins" boat ride. You will be able to see all the neighboring islands, and pods of dolphins following along your boat. Little Raccoon Key has got you covered for a great getaway adventure.

Before you arrive on the island, you can order groceries to be awaiting your arrival so you do not have to worry if you will have to hunt for your food that night.

One last thing that you will not see on an average camping trip...memory foam. That is right, this glamping trip offers a memory foam bed to lay on, so you know you will have a great night’s sleep.

There is a two-night minimum and prices range throughout the months. It starts at $299 a night and increases from there. They are open all year round, so you have time to save up to take this incredible vacation.

There are still plenty of nights open to book, so find your free weekend, and get booking!

You can book your stay and read more information about the island here.

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