Georgia has so many adventures and things to do that you could do something new every weekend. There are many interesting areas of this state, but incredible gold mining in North Georgia is the underground adventure you've been missing. 

Consolidated Gold Mine in Dahlonega, Georgia is a place where you can go 200-feet underground to explore old mines and you can actually pan for gold and go gemstone mining. 

This particular spot has been around since 1880, however gold was first found in Dahlonega in 1828. It is pretty cool that over 15,000 miners migrated to this area of Georgia because of all the gold that was discovered there. 

You can travel back 100 years when you enter this gold mine. Stepping down 200 feet is pretty terrifying and this adventure is not for everyone. A staff member operating the mines will guide you for 40 minutes down in the mines and give you all the deets about the history of them.

The best part about the mines is that they stay at 60 degrees all year round. Even on those hot Georgia days, you will be cooled off here. 

After your underground journey, there will be gold pans waiting for you when you travel back up to the surface. 

Free gold panning is included with your admission and you might strike a piece of real gold! The miners that teach you how to pan are some of the best in the world, so they'll teach you all the tips and tricks. 

There is also gem mining at this location and you get to keep all them gems you find. North Georgia has so many great adventures including this treetop adventure course that has 12 zip-lines and this scenic fall folage train journey

Consolidated Gold Mine 

Price: $18

Address: 185 Consolidated Gold Mine Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533

Why You Need To Go: You will go 200-feet underground to see where 15,000 miners found gold 100 years ago.