You Can Go Island Hopping In Bali For A Week At $150 A Day

Explore the Island of the Gods.
You Can Go Island Hopping In Bali For A Week At $150 A Day

One country, 8 days. The trip of a lifetime you've been waiting for takes place in  Bali, where gorgeous islands, five-star hotels, private beaches and the mystique of the Indonesian culture await your arrival.

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Contiki, a travel company for millennials, is offering the ultimate Holiday in Bali experience at a great price. For $150 a day, you'll be taken on an incredible adventure through Bali's gorgeous islands, with accommodations, food and transport all covered.

The first day lands you in Seminyak, where you'll be acquainted with fellow travellers and staff. You'll get a chance to check out the tropical scene before heading out to Gili Trawangan where the island hopping will officially commence.

Three days in Gili Trawangan will let you indulge in great food, lively music, relaxing activities and some unforgettable beach parties. Check out the world-famous ocean swing, or explore the island's trails by horse and cart. A snorkelling day trip around the Gili Islands is also available as a cool addition to your itinerary. 

The next island you'll visit is Senggigi, an island paradise complete with pink sands and swaying palm trees. The island offers a look into what Bali was like before the crowds - secluded beaches, grottos and waterfalls are yours to explore for the next two days.

The final day will be spent back at Seminyak, where you'll have another chance to explore Bali's famous bar scene. It'll be a huge party - lots of food, drinking and dancing are in store.

The last day will be spent in Ubud, where you'll make your final tour. The Elephant Cave, Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Monkey Forest are just some of the many iconic places you'll visit while on the island. 

The total cost of your trip would start at $1,195. For booking or more information, please visit Contiki's website here.

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