You Can Go Island Hopping In Greece For Two Weeks At $150 A Day

Live the Grecian life.
You Can Go Island Hopping In Greece For Two Weeks At $150 A Day

What makes Greece so attractive? Could it be its ancient Aegean character, its exquisite white sand beaches, or its sun-kissed Byzantine villas and spirited community?

The answer is simple: All of the above. For decades, Greece has remained one of the world's most desired travel destinations to visit, and that trend continues today.

Most travellers who make the trip are lucky enough to experience only a small piece of the island nation. But one company is giving people the chance to see the best that Greece has to offer, and for a pretty great price too.

Contiki, a travel agent site, has a Greek Island Hopping package that takes you to the country's most iconic spots - Mykonos, Ios, Santorini and Athens. For 13 days, you'll hop from island to island and live like the Greeks do.

You'll indulge in authentic Greek cuisine derived from regionally grown ingredients, visit iconic historical sites like the towering Acropolis, walk along the cobblestone streets of age-old villages, and party with the coolest locals on the beach at sunset.

The best part? It'll only cost you $151 a day, or $1,965 for the trip. For a 13-day excursion that includes all of your accommodations, meals and local transport, that's a pretty sweet deal.

Interested? Check out the full itinerary below to get an idea of what your dream vacation will look like:

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Your journey begins in Athens, the ancient capital of the world. Upon arrival in Athens, you'll have the opportunity to settle into your hotel and get to know your fellow travellers over dinner. 

All of the exploration begins on the next day, where you'll be taken on a past-and-present tour of the famous Plaka area. Here, you'll come across some of the most iconic sites in history, such as the Acropolis and the first Olympic Stadium.

One last night in your hotel and then you're off to Mykonos! The third day will be spent crossing the Aegean on the most scenic boat ride of your life.

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Your next three nights will be spent in Mykonos, Greece's vibrant beach island with a notorious party rep.

When you arrive, you'll get the chance to explore the town, weaving through storybook streets lined with gorgeous cafes and Cycladic houses. You'll also be treated to a tour of the famous windmills in the area.

The next day will be dedicated entirely to visiting Mykonos' famous beaches. You'll have a chance to swim, relax on the sand and party with the locals.

After a night of celebration, you'll take to the seas again and head over to Santorini where the fun continues!

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Your next stop is Santorini, the home of the famous Oia sunset. The island is known for its white, blue-domed churches and beautiful ocean vistas; both of which you'll have the opportunity to experience for yourself.

The first day will entail a visit to the town of Fira, a small community known for domatokeftedes, a local specialty of fried tomato balls. The town is also nearby Perissa Beach, which you'll have the chance to visit while you're there.

You'll have another full day to spend in Santorini, which is perfect in case you missed seeing the iconic sunset. Check out the local shops in the area, or spend another day at the beach - the choice is all yours.

Then you're off to Ios the next morning for the last leg of your trip!

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Last but not least is Ios, a rugged but still gorgeous island with lots to offer. Whether you're a pleasure seeker or adrenaline junkie, this island is sure to please. 

Those looking for some R&R can check out the cozy establishments within the town, and those looking for a little more adventure can indulge in the several watersports at the beach. For a perfect mix of both, a beach party at Hora will satisfy all your desires.

You'll have two full days to spend at Ios, which is plenty of time to take everything in. But make sure you make the most of your time, because the next day you'll be headed back to Athens where you'll make your final goodbyes to Greece.

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