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You Can Hang Out In A Grotto Behind This Trickling Waterfall In Georgia

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

There are multiple waterfalls that you can visit throughout Georgia. With the ones you can swim in, you cannot usually get behind the waterfall. Being on the other side of the falls is a whole different experience than just swimming in the pool in front of it. In Northwest Georgia, you will find a hike that leads you up to a waterfall that you can walk and sit behind. 

Located in LaFayette, Keown Falls is a pretty popular destination. The hike is only 1.8-miles and is a moderate hike with a little bit of elevation. It is such a great walk that even your dogs can handle it! If you bring your four-legged friend, make sure they stay on their leash.

At the trailhead of Keown Falls, there are picnic areas that you can hang out at before or after your hike. Once you start your walk, you will notice that the trail is maintained well; it is not bumpy or difficult to walk up. 

It is an elevated hike, so you will be feeling the burn on the way up to the falls. Just before you reach the waterfall, there are stairs that will lead you to an observation deck. 

The unique part of this waterfall is that it is a small creek that trickles down the cliff to create the falls. It is a 35-foot cliff. It is not a large continuous flowing waterfall, but after it has rained, the creek pours down more than usual. The best time to plan your trip is right after it has stormed. 

Behind Keown Falls there is a grotto that you can sit on and watch behind the scenes. It is rare to find this in our state, so stay at this part of the hike for as long as you can. This spot is also great for photos. 

Make sure you check out all the vegetation and floral life as you make your hike back to the trailhead. The rainfall helps grow this luscious forest. It is another part of what makes this hike so calming. 

You can also check out this Georgia hike that will lead you to some of the bluest water you will ever see. It is another amazing water feature the state has to offer with two cascading waterfalls (yes, two). If you are looking for another cool adventure, Tallulah Gorge is worth checking out. 

Sitting in a grotto behind a waterfall is pretty unique in Georgia. The hike is short and the feature is spectacular. Spend a day and take a road trip to Keown Falls with some pals and snap a bunch of pics. 

Keown Falls

Price: Free!

Address: Keown Falls, Georgia 30728

Why you should go: This is an easy and fun hike for everyone in your group. There is a trickling waterfall at the end of the first part of your hike and you can go behind it. 


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