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You Can Live Stream North Carolina Sharks & Stay Safe At Home

Shark Week is an obsession, but sadly it's not that time of year yet. This shark cam is the North Carolina live stream you need to stay connected to all things related to the ocean. Plus, being up and close on screen is definitely safe social distancing.  

The neverending video is filmed off the Cape Fear coast in North Carolina. Powered by the global nature network Explore, the shark cam sits beneath a former Coast Guard Light Station

A cliff diver said he could see hundreds of sharks and barracudas from the top of the Frying Pan Tower and it's a "literal infestation." 

The Cape Fear coast is home to 10 beaches, but their white sands and beachy grasses cannot hide the truth that swims in the sea. 

There are Great White, Tiger and Bull sharks in the Carolina waters so you'l have a variety to witness swimming freely. 

While they are definite threats to divers in this part of the Atlantic, the live stream is 100% safe. 

Thanks to the shark cam hosting site,, you can stay tuned in for the best highlights so you're not waiting forever to see a shark. 

Tune in right now for a necessary distraction from your day. The ambient water noise is calming too. 

The live stream also features schools of fish and other types of marine life you might recognize from Finding Nemo

You're practically at the aquarium without the ticket cost. 

While everyone is social distancing, this live stream is way cooler than the other options right now. Adventure doesn't have to mean leaving the couch. 

You'll also get views of material left over from shipwrecks. It's almost like you're a diver on an epic seafloor exploration. 

Luckily the only gear you need is reliable wifi. 

Explore's North Carolina Shark Cam

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can finally face your fear of sharks without swimming in the ocean. 

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