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Canada's Northern Territories Just Got Their Very First University, And Here Are The 3 Programs They Offer

For many young people attending university is an opportunity to have some independence and move away from home for the first time. Well, now you can go really far away from home. 

Until this year there hasn’t been a university in any of Canada's Northern territories, but that’s about to change. 

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In Fall 2018 the first arctic university will be opening in the Yukon territory. Yukon University will be replacing Yukon College, and there are 3 bachelor's programs you can choose from.  However, the university plans to offer more in the near future.

Right now you can major in Indigenous Governance, a business degree focused on operating in remote communities or Northern Studies, traditional knowledge, culture and history applicable to the current situation of northerners.

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Karen Barnes, president of Yukon College says that having a university in the North presents a chance for students to really connect with their coursework. 

“A lot of universities have offered degrees in northern studies, but this will be the first one actually offered in the North,” she said. There’s also plans being made to open a university in the Northwest Territories.

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So if you’re interested in the Arctic this may be a great option for you, and on the bright side, you definitely wouldn’t need to worry about your parents showing up unannounced. 

Source: Globe and Mail