With more states across the country mandating that residents wear face masks and coverings while in public, many companies have gone into the mask-making business and putting their own spin on designs. One Dania Beach shop owner decided to take on the challenge while also combatting an invasive species in Florida's Everglades. So now, you can get a Burmese python face mask if you're willing to drop a little coin.

“People are going to have to cover their faces, and unfortunately the situation may last longer than we imagined,” Brian Wood, owner of All American Gator Products, told the Miami Herald. “Some people want to make a fashion statement even during this pandemic, so I want to give them options.”

According to their Facebook page, Wood normally sells meat and gator skin products. Now, the business is expanding its products to accommodate those looking for a more stylish alternative to face masks.

“The designs are still in the early stages and I want to take advantage of the supply we have here not only of python skin but also alligator," Wood told the Herald.

The decorative face coverings will not provide total protection from the novel coronavirus but are constructed so customers can insert a changeable filter or lining, depending on which model they buy. 

Consumers can choose from either a python or lizard mask, costing $90, or shell out $120 for an alligator version.

The line of masks from the shop is constantly updating. Those who are interested in getting the leather mask can do so in an array of colors.

Even though Gov. Ron DeSantis is still struggling to figure out how face masks work, it's exciting to see how creative Floridians are getting during this time.