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Kim Kardashian Is Literally Selling Her Clothes On Ebay For As Little As $40

Clothing once preloved by the one and only Kim K.
Kim Kardashian Is Literally Selling Her Clothes On Ebay For As Little As $40

If you follow Kim Kardashian on Insta, you're only one of 108 million people who are envious of either her bangin' bod, her snatched makeup, her designer clothes, or simply... her life.

While there's no way you can be Kim K (unless you actually are Kim K reading this then, HI!), there is one way that you can feel just a little closer to Miss Kardashian West.

And how you might ask? Well, she has an eBay store where she sells a selection her old, once loved, pre-worn clothes. I know, right? She's just like one of us!

If you've ever obsessed over Kim's chill street style loungewear, her extravagant red carpet gowns, or even her sky-high stiletto heels, there's a good chance that they might show up on her eBay store. In other words, you can buy and own it!

Via Ebay/Kim Kardashian

One of her fans on Twitter even ever so kindly hunted down the moments where Kim was wearing each of her pieces that she's selling on eBay.

And she's also getting rid of the mesh maxi dress I can't watch anymore

February 22, 2018

Kim is auctioning off her Tom Ford turtleneck sweater I was hoping to get more looks out of it 😭😭 I loved that look so much

February 22, 2018

Even though the latest items posted on her eBay store may seem a little out of our "normal person's" price bracket, if you scroll a little further down, you will find casual tees that Kim wears so effortlessly, her iconic bandeaus, and other pieces for under US$50.

So if you want a little piece of Kim, you can have it. One thing though, I wouldn't recommend purchasing her pre-worn bikini bottoms... unless you're into that 🙊.

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