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You Can Now Fly Between Canadian Cities For As Low As $8

Your home and native land just got a lot cheaper.
You Can Now Fly Between Canadian Cities For As Low As $8

While the majority of flight deals we share are for exotic, out-of-country, hot spot destinations, we've gotta make sure we give the love to Canada. I mean, it is our backyard; every province has a lot to offer. The problem? Well frankly, it's absolutely appalling that I can fly to all the way to Europe and back for less than a one-way ticket to Montreal. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. 

I'm confident that I'm not the only one who understands this struggle either. Any person who's spent any time hopping from one side of Canada to the other understands the audacity that is a cross-country flight. Well hopefully, this new airline can help change things up. 

Give a warm welcome to Swoop: the newest in low-fare airlines and a sister company to airline giant Westjet. They've started with flights out of Hamilton, ON, Edmonton, AB, and Abbotsford, BC, and these flights out of these areas are wicked cheap. For their grand opening, they're offering their first 2,000 seats with $0 fares plus taxes and fees. 

Via Swoop

So whomever is fast enough to hop on this deal, will be able to score themselves a flight from Abbostford to Hamilton, ON or Edmonton, AB for just $7.50. Or, you can jump around from any other locations for almost as cheap!

The reason it's so inexpensive? Swoop is looking to be a no-frills airline. If you want the luggage, snacks, movies and wi-fi, that's no problem! But you can add that all on after. 

With that said, what are you waiting for? This could easily be the cheapest flights we've ever seen in our lifetime and it's a pretty good opportunity to see what Canada's all about in a brand new light. 

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