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You Can Now Get Cineplex Movie Theatre Popcorn Delivered To Your House

Uber Eats and Cineplex are partnering up to get you popcorn at home
You Can Now Get Cineplex Movie Theatre Popcorn Delivered To Your House

We all know how to make popcorn at home, but it never tastes anywhere near as good as the stuff you get in the theatre does it?

No matter how hard you try you just can’t replicate the amazing taste of the popcorn you get at the movies.

Well good news movie and popcorn lovers, you can now get Cineplex popcorn without having to go outside. 

Movie and popcorn fanatics living in 60 communities in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec can now order Cineplex popcorn on Uber Eats.

This comes after a pilot project done by the company in Southern Ontario university towns.

On top of popcorn, you can also get combos as well. The most popular item ordered during the pilot project was the 'Cineplex Movie Night In Combo' which features two medium popcorns, two medium candies and two medium drinks for $28.99. 

There’s even an added bonus for this Canada Day long weekend. Cineplex is offering movie-lovers in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario a free Cineplex Store HD movie rental with all Uber Eats orders from June 29-July 2, 2018.

So that’s popcorn AND A FREE movie!

People living in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal will all be able to get their hands on the popcorn and treats starting now. 

Most of Toronto has access to it as well, but parts of downtown are excluded because theatre concession stands in those areas aren’t easily accessible to Uber Eats drivers.

But pretty much anywhere else you can now get that impossible to replicate popcorn flavour delivered straight to your front door now. 


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