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You Can Now Actually Get Hello Kitty Wine And It's Cute AF

Boujee but affordable.
You Can Now Actually Get Hello Kitty Wine And It's Cute AF

Stop everything you're doing right now because you can now get Hello Kitty wine online!

Last year marked the forty-second anniversary of Hello Kitty's "birth". In celebration of the flirty feline (okay, I know she's apparently not a cat, but let's just roll with it for now), Italy's Torti Winery launched their six-wine collaboration with Sanrio - which included a Pinot Noir, a Pinot Nero, and others. However, the rosé option has not been available online until this year!

And now, Torti Winery and Sanrio has announced their new five-wine set with all new packaging that will make you fall even more in love with Hello Kitty. The collection includes an "award-winning" Pinot Noir, a "Sweet Pink" blend, a Pinot Nero Vinified in White, a standard Sparkling Rosé, as well as a limited edition Sparkling Rosé.

But seriously, check out some of the collection...

I'm crying. 😭😭😍😍

Now, the only caveat is that it's not actually currently shipping to Canada (sadness). But if you have family or a mailing box in California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, or Washington DC, you can get in on this! To make up for this inconvenience, use the promo code SUPERCUTE at check out and get shipping for free. But pick it up fast because the promo is for a limited time only.

If you have a Hello Kitty lover in your life, you will literally make their life complete this Christmas with this wine set. And if you are the Hello Kitty lover, then you need this in your life.

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