How many kids out there dreamed of being an astronaut and flying through space? Well, for all fellow space geeks I have some great news. While you might not be going on a space shuttle adventure anytime soon, you still can have a chance to explore the International Space Station like never before. 

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How you may ask? Well, Google Street View has just revealed that they have a  360-degree view tour of the space station that is accessible to anyone with access to Google Earth or Google Maps. 

What you can expect to see, are the areas where the astronauts sleep, eat, and conduct experiments. You'll also be able to look through the domed window they have which looks down to Earth.  Along with other areas throughout the space station.

The best part is that a tonne of the items you'll pass by have bubbles with info provided by NASA engineers on what exactly you're looking at. So for those that have no space knowledge whatsoever, except can be taught something new. 

All I can say is thank you, Google and NASA! This is so cool.

Source: CBC