You Can Now Win Free Rent For A Year If You’re A Student In Canada

No need to e-Transfer your grumpy landlord for the next 12 months.
Buildings in the downtown campus of McGill University in Montreal.
Unit Production Manager

Buildings in the downtown campus of McGill University in Montreal.

The struggles of being a student never cease, and they're all too real, y’all. Pulling all-nighters to cram for exams; holing yourself up and destroying any semblance of a social life in order to focus on your studies and save money. Eating cheese sandwiches, Pop-Tarts, or any cheap ''food'' multiple times a day just to save on groceries. Basically, doing anything you can to avoid spending cash; hands down, it always comes back to trying to bank as much coin as possible.

Because if you’re a student who doesn’t still live at home, you’re well aware of how stressful finances can be. It's no fun to suffer through sleepless nights of worrying about how to make ends meet when you’ve gotta pay bills, buy groceries, and possibly have the tiniest amount of fun every now and then.

Let’s not forget rent - definitely the biggest (and most painful) chunk of monthly expenditure. Do you find yourself sacrificing your sanity, health, and any iota of entertainment just to scrounge up enough money to afford your living arrangements? Have you ever rummaged through your jeans' pockets and sofa cracks, in desperate search of extra bills? Well, I'm here to tell you that I feel your pain, and it SUCKS!

Having to pay rent looms over your head like a dark, thunderous cloud. We know how much you sometimes want to break down and cry, or yell and pull your hair out, when the first of the month rolls around and you're basically throwing heaps of hard-earned income at your landlord.

Imagine how big of a weight would be lifted off your shoulders (and how much fuller your bank account would be!) if you didn’t have to fret about dishing out rent. What if I told you that this financial-freedom fantasy could potentially become a reality for you?

Since 2013, Canada’s Luckiest Student has been an undeniable game changer for Canadian students by giving away over $450,000 worth of prizing, made possible by partnering with some of the country's most trusted brands. Canada's Luckiest Student seeks to ease some of the stress (especially financial) of being a student. What began as a smaller scholarship award has now turned into a mind-blowing chance for one insanely lucky student to live out their dreams and win once-in-a-lifetime perks to reward their hard work!

There are so many EPIC goodies up for grabs this year! Does $20K in your pocket sound good? How about $7,500 for tuition? Embarking on an incredible European trip for two and then an extravagant Thailand adventure? Having Spotify Premium for free until you graduate will defs pep you up when you feel like you're about to give up on school! Come to think of it, $1,000 to explore the best hidden gems of your city would be pretty freakin' sweet, too. How about $1,000 for everyday drugstore essentials? (Seriously, guys, I know how frantic university can be, but Rule #1 of Adulting: NEVER forget to shower, brush your teeth, and slap on some deodorant!)

A year of free coffee or a gym membership for two might help keep you going until grad, don’t you think? Not to mention, a $2,500 shopping spree to replace those grimy sweats you live and sleep in would be useful. Bet you wouldn't still be stocking up on Kraft Dinner and Pillsbury Cookies with $5,000 for groceries, now would you? (Okay, you might, but that's beside the point!)

There are loads of ways that becoming Canada's Luckiest Student could change your life; plus, more prizes keep being added to the $50,000 grand prize bundle! But seriously, FREE RENT FOR A YEAR? It doesn't get any better than that.

For 365 days, you woudn't even think twice about going to catch a movie, splurging on a little spa day, rewarding yourself with a great meal at your fav resto - literally anything, EXCEPT paying rent! When rent doomsday doesn't exist, then your monthly dread is replaced with glee.

Sooo, obvz you're wanting to know how to get in on this amazing contest because, well, who wouldn't? It's simple: as long as you're a registered student over 16, then you can enter to win until April 30, 2019. Pick out all the awesome prizes you're interested in (the $5K/year rent prize FOR SURE!), sign up for each, and keep your fingers crossed that you'll eventually partake in a jaw-dropping in-person reveal of your own! You can also increase your odds of winning by completing different challenges and hunting for secret codes.

Imagine the satisfaction of not having to spend one single dollar on rent; instead being able to save your money and maybe cut down on a few hours at work (aka extra time and cash to reacquaint yourself with long-lost friends and fam who miss you dearly! Bestie, Cousin Lisa, where you at?!)

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and kinda down in the dumps with all the hecticness of student life. You deserve a serious break. You deserve the chance to win the ULTIMATE prizes.

Enter Canada's Luckiest Student now! As you giddily envision yourself winning the $50K grand-prize bundle, check out their super exciting and emotional winner reveals on YouTube - TRUST, you'll defs get ALL the feels! You can also visit Student Life Network's Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager