Morocco is totally having a moment right now. Every time you log into Instagram it seems that your feed always has someone riding on a camel or exploring a marketplace. So if you've been dreaming of visiting this exotic country, here is your chance! 

This Airbnb located in the city of Marrakech, Morocco, is an entire palace...and it's only $61 a night! Yup, that's right...$61 split between up to 4 people...for an entire Moroccan palace... Take a look for yourself: 

Decorated in typical Moroccan style, this "Riad" as these types of palaces are called, has all the amenities a traveler could want, as well as over 400 stellar reviews. And yes, there is WiFi! 

But wait! There's more: massages, excursions, car hire and motorcycle hire also available on request, without ever even leaving your Airbnb. 

Not down for cooking? Of course you're not, which is why the riad also offers restaurant service, where you will be able to choose between different traditional dishes. 

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