You Can Rent These Adorable Mini Cabins Across Ontario For A Magical Night In The Forest

You Can Rent These Adorable Mini Cabins Across Ontario For A Magical Night In The Forest

Once the weather drops below zero and the streets are covered in snow and ice here in Canada, we're all dreaming of escaping to a faraway land filled with sunshine. But sometimes we just don't have the vacation days or the money to hop on a plane and jet off to a secluded beach destination. That's where these adorable mini cabins come in! 

If you're looking for an escape for the weekend just to get away from all the drama and stress of real life, a winter cabin in a secluded forest is just as good as a secluded sandy beach! Cabin Escape is a Canadian-owned company based right here in Ontario and it's perfect for your winter getaway. 

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Cabin Escape has 5 different mini cabins for rent all placed in permanent locations scattered between Kingston and Ottawa. Their Auburn Cabin is located in Sharbot Lake, their Mason Cabin is located in Mountain Grove, their Joni Cabin is located in Pakenham, their Penner Cabin is located in Sydenham, and their Hideaway Camp is also located in Sharbot Lake. 

Each of these cabins can fit 2-4 guests depending on which one you choose because the size of each varies. They all contain at least one Queen bed, a firepit, modern amenities for cooking within the cabin, a BBQ, and they're pet-friendly! They also have complimentary activities depending on which cabin you choose such as stargazing equipment, canoes, docks, snowshoeing and skiing, sunrise views, and nearby trails for hiking! 

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The cabins are actually super reasonably priced as well! They range from $98-$139 per night depending on which cabin you choose. The 4-person Auburn Cabin is the most expensive and the 2-person Hideaway Camp is the cheapest. 

If you're looking for a place to take you completely off-the-grid and to immerse yourself in a rugged, beautiful landscape away from the city lights this is definitely the place! All of their cabins are solar powered and ecologically responsible so you know you're making the environmentally friendly decision while you're here. 

They may even be opening more cabins in the near future! 

Check out their website for more information! 

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