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You Can Rent This Epic Private Villa In Bali For Just $40 A Night

There are holiday rentals, and then there are epic, stop-in-your-tracks and pinch yourself holiday rentals that make you squeal with excitement.

This incredible villa in Bali is one of those. And the best part? It's only $40 a night.

Sure, we may have only just slid into November, but the winter blues are well and truly here - especially when it comes to cold, dreary Canadian winters. And everyone is looking for a way out. 

via @kimijuan

The solution? A luxury villa with a bargain price fit for your broke AF wallet.

Social media is currently teeming with photos of travellers in Bali: On the beach, in tea fields, partying in the jungle - you name it. And luckily for us, this top destination also happens to be the home of some pretty affordable (and insane) AirBnBs. 

So if you can imagine waking up every morning to uninterrupted views of the Bali Sea, relaxing in an infinity pool and eating dinner on an open-air balcony while you watch the sun set over the hills, then we may just have the perfect place for you.

Villa Sanglung is a brand new luxury villa in North Bali with 180 degree views of luscious jungle. The hilltop house features open-air dining areas, outdoor showers, an infinity pool and crazy patio where you can enjoy dreamy rooftop breakfasts. If that's not luxury enough for you, you can add in staff that treat you like royalty and ready-made meals too.

The villa is listed at $174 CAD a night, and can sleep up to 4 people without an extra charge, making your per-night cost a mere $43.50 - perfect for a squad trip or romantic getaway for two.

All the details can be found here. Grab your friends and go!