Still don't know where to go on vacation this holiday season?

Well, you can stop your search because this year's go-to destination is none other than Greece. Everyone dreams of going to Santorini, in fact, every single year, over 20 million people visit the Greek Islands. 

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Imagine waking up every morning and having breakfast on a rooftop patio overlooking the Aegean sea. Sounds like a magical dream right?

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These are the kind of photos that we've been seeing everywhere on social media lately, it's no wonder that Greece has made the top of everyone's travel list. 

Remember the photo that went VIRAL a few years ago of the most perfect Instagram couple in Santorini?

Most of these pictures were taken in Oia which is officially the cutest spot in Santorini. It's the ultimate spot for romance, taking jaw-dropping Instagram pictures, sunset walks, swimming and enjoying some delicious seafood and vino with some friends. However, if you want to party then you're going to want to head to Fira. 

And life in Santorini is actually not that expensive. Especially if you want to live the life of your favourite Instagram star. It's possible to find something really nice with the help of AirBnB.

In fact, we found this amazing home in Santorini which we think you'll definitely enjoy!

The Hector Luxury Cave was originally carved on to the Caldera Cliff around 250 years ago and was completely renovated in 2016. 

The cave features a rooftop pool, an indoor pool, cable TV, wireless internet, heating, AC, a king sized bed, two sofa beds and a splendid patio where you can enjoy that rooftop breakfast you've always dreamed about. 

The cave sleeps four people at $310 CAD per night which comes up to $77.50 per person, or two people at $232 CAD per night ($116 per person). It's perfect for a squad trip or for a romantic vacation with your significant other!

(If your budget is a lot lower, you can always opt for a hostel, however, I do recommend that you splurge even if it's just for one night.)

The view:

All the details of the rental are on here. And if you have no clue what to do in Greece, we created a bucket list for you right here.