Sometimes you gotta take a bit of a longer flight to save some serious $$$. 

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Thailand is an amazing destination for any budget travelers looking to live a life a total luxury. Just look at this unreal Airbnb, that starts as low as $67 a night... : 

The ultra modern villa is located near Phuket, a major city on the west coast of Thailand, lined with pristine beaches. The AirBNB is located on the most southern point of Phuket known for it's stunning sunsets. From Phuket, you can take amazing day trips to near-by islands, like Koh Phi Phi. 

The entire AirBNB, fit for 2 people, can be rented for $64 a night! Split in half, that's $32 a person...omg. Of course prices vary depending when in the year you decide to go but we don't see it ever being tooo tooo much more than that.  Check out the rest of the Airbnb below or click HERE for more info.