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You Can Ride In Hot Tub Boats Just A Few Hours From Vancouver

The coolest boat ride of your life.
You Can Ride In Hot Tub Boats Just A Few Hours From Vancouver

Looking for a cool way to relax this summer? Go on a hot tub boat ride, a one-of-a-kind experience that lets you sail the waters while soaking your problems away in a hot tub.

Hot Tub Boats is an independent business that operates out of the Seattle marina, just three hours away from Vancouver. They rent out hot tub boats to people who seek a unique way to see and explore the Emerald City. They are open all-year round, rain or shine, and from day to night.

Each boat can accommodate up to six individuals at a time. You have full control of the boat, which is maneuvered using an easy-to-use joystick. Before you embark on your ride, you'll get a quick tutorial from the staff on how to drive the boat. You don't need a special boating license to be able to drive a hot tub boat, either — all you need is a a valid driver's license and you're good to go.

The water in the hot tub boat is heated to a cozy 104 degrees F, which is the maximum allowed temperature for hot tubs. That temperature is maintained throughout the entire ride thanks to a small, diesel-fired boiler that is fitted into the boat. You have the freedom to drive your boat anywhere on Lake Union and Portage Bay, however, there are floating home communities in the area, so those should be respected if possible.

Riders will need to wear appropriate swimwear, with individuals aged 12 or under required to be in life jackets. Each ride is $350 per two hours per group, plus $100 for each additional hour. Though hot tub boat rentals are available any day of the week, it is highly advised that you book ahead online to reserve a spot, especially during holidays or long weekends.

You can also choose to buy — yes, buy— your own hot tub boat from the company if you wish. Each boat comes with wooden decks, waterproof stereos and mini fridges and can be custom tailored with a variety of other cool features. 

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