Okay, let’s be honest - roller coasters aren’t everyone’s thing. I mean seriously, do you know how many times I've ridden that wooden coaster at Darien Lake Six Flags while also writing out a draft of my will when it got just a little too bumpy? *PTSD kicks in.*

While the adrenaline of all general roller coasters can get pretty intense, there’s one version that’s a lot more relaxed (and beautiful). At Les Sommets, a popular ski resort in Saint-Sauveur that also includes summer activities, you’re able to enjoy a mountain coaster that rides on a moderate speed through the alps of Quebec - though I wouldn’t exactly rule out the adrenaline rush.

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Opening in 2009, The Viking mountain coaster has become the resort’s ultimate tourist attraction during both winter and spring seasons. The only one of it’s kind in the province, this hybrid coaster allows people to tour the beauty of their surroundings while also enjoying a unique tour through the forest.

Able to ride alone or with a partner, the mountain coaster is one of the many activities offered at the resort. There’s also ziplining, a traditional teacup ride, mountain biking, mini golf, and of course - the ski slopes! Indeed, soooo much to choose from, but if you need me you can find me wherever they sell the poutine.

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The Viking’s 2019 season is open until May 17. For more info, check out the resort’s official website!