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You Can Road Trip Near Georgia To This Massive 256-Foot Waterfall

Tennessee is the home of the great Smokey Mountains and it is a popular vacation spot for locals and visitors. This state is also home to the highest waterfall in all of the southeast. This specific destination is only about three hours away from Atlanta and is the perfect place to go exploring out of the state. So if you're looking for somewhere to roadtrip near Georgia for waterfalls, this is definitely it. 

Fall Creek Falls State Park is located in Spencer, Tennessee and sits on over 26,000 acres. It is home to the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi coming in at a ginormous, 256 feet.

Throughout the rest of the park, there are smaller waterfalls, gorges and multiple hiking trails to explore. If you do not want to make the trek back home after your exciting day, you can stay at the inn that is in the park. 

When you walk into the park, you probably will think your eyes are playing tricks on you and there is no way the waterfall is THAT big. You have two options to view the falls  and trust us, you're going to want to experience both options. 

There is a parking lot right next to the overlook at the top of the falls. Lucky for you, here is no hiking involved whatsoever  and you can view the falls from above. You can also walk downhill for only half a mile to the very bottom of the falls. There is a massive pool at the bottom that you can even swim in. 

Surprisngly, the fun and adventure does not stop there at this park. There are more than 40-miles of hiking trails and each trail leads you to a different wonder. There is even a swinging bridge that you can cross that goes over a cascading waterfall. 

Fall Creek offers rock climbing (not the rock climbing you did as a child). You will scale boulders and get your adrenaline pumping. There is also a ropes canopy course challenge that takes you over bridges and zips you down the forest. 

You might need to take a whole weekend to visit this destination because there is so much to do. There are cabins, camping spots and an inn that you can choose between, whatever suits your fancy. The park is open 24-hours, so you can choose whenever you want to explore. 

While you are in Tennessee, you need to visit this spot where you can explore an underground cave with the bluest water you will ever see. 

Fall Creek Falls State Park 

Price: Free

Address: 2009 Village Camp Road, Spencer, TN 38585

Why You Need To Go: You will be able to see the highest waterfall in the Southeast and explore the huge park.