You Can See A Breathtaking Meteor Shower Light Up The Skies Across Canada This Month

The Lyrid Meteor Shower is happening soon 🌠
You Can See A Breathtaking Meteor Shower Light Up The Skies Across Canada This Month

Stargazers have a reason to be excited this spring! The Lyrid meteor shower will be visible in the skies across Canada starting in mid-April. While not as famous as the Perseid meteor shower, the Lyrid meteor shower is more wild and unpredictable. They also have "luminous dust trains" that make them linger visibly in the skies for longer than most shooting stars. 

So far, 2019 has been an amazing year for watching the skies. We've been lucky to witness incredible things like the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse back in January and the rare Worm Moon that happened recently in March. Stay attuned to the moon and stars this year by heading out to see the Lyrid Meteor shower this April and you'll be amazed at nature's fireworks show. 

The best way to see the meteor shower, or any cool night sky event like the upcoming Pink Moon, is to get far away from the city lights. Ideally, a mountain top clearing would work best. Away from artificial light, high up and without anything obstructing your view!

Since you'll want to spend at least an hour watching the skies, it's better to bring a blanket and lie down so you don't hurt your neck so much. Bring plenty of layers and a hot drink and you have yourself one of the most romantic date night ideas courtesy of the universe!

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The window to see this year's Lyrid Meteor Shower is from Tuesday, April 16 to Thursday, April 25. The peak time, AKA, when you're likely to see the most plentiful, biggest and brightest meteors, will be in the very early hours (like 1 AM) on Monday, April 22. For more information, check out this guide to the Lyrid Meteor Shower on!  

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