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9 Places In Utah With The Most Amazing Clear Blue Water

You'll feel like you're in the Caribbean. 🌅
You Can See Amazing Blue Water In Utah At These Spots

You might be thinking that the only way you'll be able to see clear turquoise pools is by taking a trip down to the Caribbean. Well, that's not entirely the case. The Beehive State is filled with gems, you just have to know where to look. That's why we've made a list of where you can find blue water in Utah.

From alpine hikes and potash ponds to hot springs, this checklist will take you on some of the best spring and summer adventures. 

We recommend that you visit these spots between July and November. 

Whether you're a Utah native or just passing through to see the beautiful landscapes, these locations are some of the best around. 

Cecret Lake

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Approx. 2-miles roundtrip

Address: 9701 Albion Basin Rd, Alta, UT

Why You Need To Go: This "secret" lake is the perfect place to have a picnic with a view.


Red Pine Lake

Difficulty: Difficult

Length: Approx. 8-miles roundtrip

Address: Sandy, UT

Why You Need To Go: The challenging hike is worth the sweat as you'll get stunning lake sights.


Fifth Water Hot Springs

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: Approx. 7.5-miles roundtrip (in the winter roads may be closed which adds an extra 3-miles total to the hike)

Address: Diamond Fork Rd, Spanish Fork, UT

Why You Need To Go: You can lounge the day away in these blue springs after your hike.


Bear Lake

Price: $15 per day per vehicle and $20 on weekends and holidays

Address: 940 N. Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT

Why You Need To Go: The vibrant turquoise waters will make you feel like you're in the Caribbean.


Homestead Crater 

Price: $13 to $27 per person for 40 min to 1-hour soaks, snorkeling, or scuba diving

Address: 700 North Homestead Drive, Midway, UT

Why You Need To Go: This hot spring is always a consistent 90 to 96 degrees F throughout the year.


White Pine Lake

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: Approx. 8-miles roundtrip

Address: Logan, UT

Why You Need To Go: You'll get great views along the way and the lake makes for a beautiful photo backdrop.


Red Castle Lake

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: Approx. 20-miles roundtrip via East Fork Smiths Fork Trail

Address: Coalville, UT

Why You Need To Go: The dramatic red rock cliffs pair perfectly with the clear basin.


Blue Lake

Price: Free

Address: Wendover, NV

Why You Need To Go: This vibrant colored lake is a hotspot for divers and fishermen because of its 58-foot depth and various species of fish.


Potash Ponds 

Price: Free

Address: Potash Rd, Moab, UT

Why You Need To Go: These ponds in the middle of the desert are colored because "The water is dyed bright blue to reduce the amount of time it takes for the potash to crystallize."


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.