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You Can See Thousands Of Monarch Butterflies In Flight At This National Park In Ontario This Summer

Ever wanted to wander through a magical forest paradise? You can do that this Summer as thousands of bright orange monarch butterflies surrounds you inside Point Pelee National Park in Ontario. This incredible migratory event will make your hike through the park like an actual fantasy and you'll get a chance to take some pretty incredible butterfly photos!

The butterflies are taking a little break along their insanely long migration to Mexico where they will spend the Winter. The park is just on the edge of Lake Erie, so they're taking a little break before they have to cross the lake. It's cute to think that they're gathering their strength and waiting until the time is right to fly across.

Some monarch butterflies even gather in clusters to keep warm so it looks like they're even growing on the trees! You are more likely to see the clusters at sunset or early in the morning. You're likely to see the butterflies chilling out on a rainy or windy day, but if it's hot and sunny then they're likely to attempt flying out of the park across the lake. 

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You can visit Point Pelee National Park later this Summer and into Autumn to see the incredible monarch butterfly migration. It's about a four-hour drive to the park from Toronto. Primetime to watch them will be probably around mid-September and they hang out in the park until mid-October usually.


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