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You Can Sleep Inside A Bubble In The Trees In Canada This Spring And It's So Magical

You are never too old to want to play in a treehouse, and this Canadian spot is literally blowing up the treehouse experience! Canopée Lit is a hotel in Quebec with treehouse cabins and forest bubbles. If you love camping, glamping or just getting out into the woods, then you have to put this place on your bucket list!

These bubbles and cabins are perched amidst the trees and staying here is a truly magical experience. Surrounded by a 360° view of the woods, it's easy to relax and get back into nature when you stay inside one of these see-through spherical bubbles. Imagine waking up and seeing the forest all around you.

These eco-friendly cabins are open all season. In the winter, you can pretend that you're sleeping inside a snowglobe! In the spring and summer, you'll be surrounded by fresh green foliage and hear birds calling. I'd love to stay here in the fall when the colours are changing and there's a bit of a crisp to the air.

There are a variety of tree house cabins and bubbles to choose from and some of the bubbles even have two 'rooms' or connecting bubbles. Even their treehouses have unique bubble shaped domed windows to give you the same immersive forest experience!

Via Canopée Lit

The bubbles are only open from May 31st until September 28th when the weather is sunny and nice. They have 3 different bubble sizes to choose from, the smallest goes for $180.50 per night, the larger bubble goes for $190.50 per night and the double bubble goes for $231.50 per night. 

The double bubble can fit 4 people and the other 2 fit only 2 people. Breakfast, sheets, towels, and luggage service are included in the price. There is a kitchen and BBQ area available in the main house for you to cook your meals during your stay! 

Via Canopée Lit

You can stay at this hotel year-round and snag a bubble of your own! This would be a quirky romantic getaway with your s/o. Check out their English-language website here for more details and to book your stay.

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