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You Can Sleep Inside This Raindrop Shaped Treehouse In Canada This Spring

Camping keeps getting better and better 🏕

If you're looking for a totally unique camping experience this Spring, then you have to check out this unusual offering at Terra Nova National Park in the heart of Newfoundland. There are raindrop shaped mini-treehouses that sit up on stilts called Ôasis pods. They are somewhere between a tent and a cabin and a treehouse and they give you a good mix of the comforts of home while immersing you in the wildnerness.

Each unit is full of large windows that open up to views of the surrounding forest and ocean. On the main level of the Ôasis there's a sofa bed and above there's a hammock loft. The campsite has a barbeque, fire pit, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs! You'll have to bring your own bedding and use the nearby communal bathrooms, but this camping trip is a great idea if you don't want to buy a bunch of camping gear this season but still experience the outdoors!

Terra Nova National Park is also a Dark Sky Preserve so the park is almost completely devoid of artificial light at night. It's much better for the local wildlife and it takes stargazing to the next level. Imagine kicking back in the loft hammock looking up at the stars at night! During the day, you can hang out in your groovy cabin or go hiking and kayaking in the park. There are about 6 square metres of room inside the cabin so it's a fun way to mix up your Spring camping plans by trying out tiny, minimalist camping!

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You can book your stay at one of the five Ôasis pods in Terra Nova National Park online through Parks Canada. Their service is not the easiest to use just as a heads up so be patient! Check out the Terra Nova Campsite grounds and then look for the Ôasis sites at Malady Head Loop B. It costs $120 per night to rent one of these pods. 

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