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You Can Sleep Next To A Rushing Waterfall In The Forest At This Hidden Resort In Canada

Break open your piggy banks for this incredible experience

We love to find hidden gems around Canada where you can have amazing travel experiences. "Off-the-beaten-path" doesn't begin to describe this hidden resort in British Columbia. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an old fishing resort-turned luxury wilderness retreat. 

Hugging the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest, this incredible place has cabins right on the water and into the forest along a creek and rushing waterfall. Half of the resort is in an intertidal zone and sits above the ocean. The other half is tucked into the coast surrounded by the forest. Imagine falling asleep to the sound of the ocean or a waterfall!

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Via NImmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Via Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

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Nimmo Bay is so exclusive that it can only be accessed by helicopter or float plane. Getting the chance to stay here is a rare luxury experience that you definitely want to put on your bucket list. This place is basically paradise if you love the outdoors. You can go kayaking, whale watching, and paddleboarding on the ocean or go hiking through the forest! There are even guided tours on land, sea and air that you can take. 

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You should book your stay ASAP because Nimmo Bay can have a huge waiting list! They're only open for guests from early May to late October. You'll have almost two years to save up for this incredibly luxurious experience. Rates start at about $2000 per person per day based on double occupancy and they do three, four or seven day stays.

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