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You Can Stay At These Dreamy Mini Chalets Near Ontario This Spring

You won't believe what's inside these mini chalets!

For a truly memorable getaway, you need to stay at Zoobox in the Eastern Townships. The chic Zoobox mini chalets by Le Vertendre are unlike anything you've ever seen before!

These dreamy accommodations provide such a unique experience and allow you to relax in the middle of a peaceful forest. Inside each Zoobox there is a massive king size bed suspended from the ceiling, hammock chairs, an outdoor shower, a firefighter's pole to slide down, an indoor climbing wall, and much more!

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All of the beds are positions next to a large window so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comforts of bed. Plus, some of them come with a bath on wheels so you can roll it out to the balcony to soak and enjoy the view.

Currently, there are nearly 20 different Zoobox units available for rent, with all of them accommodating up to 6 people. Located slightly over an hour from Montreal and under 3.5 hours from Ottawa, these chalets make for the perfect weekend getaway as they are so close.

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One thing is for sure you won't get bored when you stay here! Around the rental, there is plenty to do to keep you busy. In the summer you can enjoy swimming, canoeing or kayaking while in the winter there is more than 15 km of trails which are perfect for snowshoeing!

For more information about staying at one of the Zoobox chalets, or to book your stay, visit Le Vertendre's website.