You Can Stay At These Eco-Lodges In Canada Where Polar Bears Actually Walk Right By You

This polar bear safari has to be on your bucket list
You Can Stay At These Eco-Lodges In Canada Where Polar Bears Actually Walk Right By You

Have you ever wanted to get up close with polar bears in the Canadian Arctic? There's a magical place near Nunavut where you can stay at a cosy lodge and the polar bears walk right past you!

Churchill Wild offers polar bear safaris where you can have close encounters with the wildlife in the arctic circle with particular emphasis on those massive white bears. They operate four lodges where you can stay and spot polar bears. They even come right up to the lodge! You'll be far, far away from civilization and totally immersed in the wild north of Canada.

Each of Churchill Wild's incredible adventure packages works like a group trip. Your experience begins in Winnipeg where you'll fly to Churchill. Even on this first leg of your trip, you are likely to see animals like polar bears and caribou. Once you arrive, you'll get to stay in one of their luxurious and sustainable eco-lodges.

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Your days are spent hiking, walking and boating to find and take photos of wildlife. Each night, there's a fire-side happy hour where you can sip on craft beers and Canadian wines. All of the meals are served family-style, so it's a bit like being at summer camp! The food is amazing and draws inspiration from the traditions and ingredients of Northern Canada to create unforgettable dishes. Plus, you'll get a chance to see the magical Northern Lights as they're meant to be seen.

If you've ever wanted to experience the true north and see what Churchill Wild calls the "fastest, most powerful carnivores on the planet" in person, then you have to put this experience on your bucket list.

You can book your polar bear safari through Churchill Wild and stay at one of their lodges by contacting them through their website. They're open in Summer and Fall for adventurous spirits to book their safaris. Rates vary depending on the package you choose, but they start at $11,495 so start saving up!

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