You Can Stay In This Futuristic Luxury Hotel Hidden On A Remote Island In Canada

The most striking hotel in Canada is on the East Coast.
You Can Stay In This Futuristic Luxury Hotel Hidden On A Remote Island In Canada

There's a world-renowned hotel on the far Eastern edge of Canada that looks like it's from a Science Fiction movie.The Fogo Island Inn is an architectural gem that juts out of a surreal rugged landscape. We can't believe this unique place actually exists here in Canada!

If you've never heard of Fogo Island, then you're not alone. This remote place is "an Island off an Island," just off the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland. A vacation here lets you get away from city life and totally disconnect. It's so far out there that the reduced light pollution makes viewing the night sky and northern lights possible.

The iconic Inn sits up on stilts, hugging the coast of the notoriously wild North Atlantic Ocean. The stark modern design contrasts with the natural landscape, but it's actually a nod to traditional Newfoundland outports. The architectural lines and incredible views will look great in your vacation photos. 

Suites have floor-to-ceiling windows to show off the dramatic coastal landscape. On the rooftop deck, there are two outdoor hot tubs and a wood-fired sauna to indulge. There's even a library and cinema inside this incredible hotel! Imagine having a bonfire on the beach, looking up at the Milky Way in the night sky with the fresh ocean air breezing by.

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When you retreat to the Fogo Island Inn, you get the opportunity to get up close to nature. You can spot whales from the shore and adorable caribou roam the island freely, grazing as they go. Plus, this place is situated right in iceberg alley so you can potentially spot massive icebergs on their way out to sea!

Not only is the hotel a stunning building, but it's also an ecolodge that takes care to minimize its impact on the natural landscape. It's very Canadian to give so much consideration to nature.

Each suite is cosy and elegant with a wood-burning stove and all the comforts of modern living. Natural materials like linen, wood, cotton and wool are at the forefront of the decor so you can disappear in time, either in the far past or future, in this incredible place.

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If you love luxury travel, remote locales and falling asleep to the sound of crashing ocean waves, then you definitely need to put a visit to Fogo Island Inn on your bucket list. Avoid FOMO, book a stay at Fogo!