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We all have wanted to hang out on a yacht at least one time in our life (or multiple times if you are like us). Having a drink in hand, laying out on the front of the boat and just relaxing sounds like the ideal day, but seems a little far-fetched if you are not a celebrity. We have actually found the perfect way to make your dreams come true with unique Georgia Airbnb off the coast.

Reel Blues is a yacht that has turned into an Airbnb for the fall season. This yacht in Savannah, Georgia which has many great spots to wine and dine. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and even a back deck to hangout on. You will be living the dream, at least for the weekend. 

The boat will stay tied to the dock the entire duration of your stay, but you will still enjoy just hanging out on the boat itself. It is only $64 a night, and if you split that between three other friends, you will be paying close to nothing!

When you thought this perfect Airbnb couldn't get any better, the owners offer 20% off if you book during the weekdays. This beats staying in a hotel that is triple that price, without the experience. 

Tybee Island is right up the road as well, so you can get your beach experience in, and then come back and tan on the front of the boat to finish it off. The sunsets are to die for and there is no better way to view them, than in style.

You have to take the most perfect pictures during your stay to make all your friends jealous that you were actually staying on a yacht. Once they know the secret of how affordable it is, they will be running to reserve their stay. 

This is the perfect place for a romantic weekend with your boo, or just to have a girls/guys weekend with your closest friends. It is an experience that you probably have never experienced before. 

Reel Blues Yacht Airbnb

Price Per Night: $64

Location: Savannah, Georgia 

Why You Need To Go: You will be staying in an actual yacht for a great price per night.